The 2518 is the top of the line in the Cuda top-load parts washers. Built to withstand the
harsh demands of everyday use, it comes standard with a time-tested chain drive assembly
and a virtually maintenance-free sealess pump. Extra-easy access to the sump and removable
debris screen set it apart from other top-loaders on the market. The Cuda 2518 Series has a
500-lb. load capacity, a 25-inch turntable diameter and 18-inch working height.

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  • Cabinet

    Cabinet: 12 ga., Tank 12 ga., Lid: 14 ga., steel, finished with a powder coat paint finish for long life and easy cleaning. Turntable to be constructed of 7 ga. steel with sealed ball bearings. Pull out debris screen located below parts basket to prevent small parts from falling into the tank. Lid will have a safety shut-off. All welded seams must meet ASME Standards. Machine will have accommodations to allow for the following options:

    – Automatic Water Fill
    – Filtration System
    – 7 Day Heater Timer
    – 7 Day Oil Skimmer Timer
    – Detail Brush
    – Power Brush
    – Small Parts Basket
    – Containment Ring

  • Rotating Turntable

    Rotating turntable must be gear-motor and chain driven. Rotation of turntable will provide complete spray coverage of parts being washed. Nine (9) spray nozzles will be located on the spray manifold providing overlapping coverage of parts being washed.

  • Oil Skimmer

    An oil skimmer will be provided that removes floating oils from the surface of the sump tank cleaning solution. The skimmer will be constructed with a fan cooled electric motor, stainless steel disk skimmer and dual stainless steel scraper blades.

  • Controls

    Electrical control panel shall have a 12 hour heater timer, 60 minute wash timer, 30 minute skimmer timer, turntable on-off switch and low water shutdown indicator light. An adjustable thermostat will control water temperature. A safety control switch will not allow pump or heater to operate if water level drops below a prescribed set point.

  • Pump

    Pump will be a centrifugal, 3 HP with 50 gpm (189 lpm) output at 50 psi (3.4 bar) capable of handling 190°F (88°C) water with cleaning detergents. Pump motor must have safety overload protection.

  • Heater

    Machine to have a 6 kW immersion heating element. Heating element is to be constructed with an incoloy sheath for maximum corrosion and oxidation protection.

  • Dimensions

    – Overall Dimensions 40″W x 50″H x 51″D
    – (102 x 127 x 130 cm)
    – Turntable Diameter 25″ Diameter (63.5 cm)
    – Working Height 18″ (45.7 cm)
    – Work Load 500 Lbs (227 kg)
    – Ship Weight 706 Lbs (320 kg)
    – Water Tank Capacity 50 Gallons (189 liters)

  • Options

    – Automatic Water Fill
    – Filtration System
    – 7 Day Heater Timer
    – 7 Day Oil Skimmer Timer
    – Detail Brush
    – Power Brush
    – Small Parts Basket
    – Containment Ring



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