TRANSBRITE TurboCHARGE Additive is a Premium Quality Liquid Booster that is engineered to be
used with all TRANSBRITE Detergents when additional carbon removal is necessary. TRANSBRITE
TurboCHARGE is specifically designed to quickly and effectively attack and remove carbon
byproducts produced by the combustion process, such as burnt on carbon, oil, grease, and all
other contaminants. TRANSBRITE TurboCHARGE can be directly added into the wash sump or
immersion tank of all aqueous industrial parts washers.


  • Contains a Special Advanced Surfactant Package
  • Effective in the Removal of Burnt on Carbon, Oil, Varnish & Siloxane Deposits
  • Safe for use on Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Iron, Plastic, Rubber & Steel
  • Designed Specifically for High Pressure & Temperature Spray Wash Cabinet & Conveyor Systems
  • Excellent Rinseability Leaving Parts Clean, Bright and Residue Free
  • Excellent for Use in Cleaning ALL Engine Assemblies & Components
  • Contains NO Silicone Based Ingredients that Interfere with New Coatings or Paint
  • Contains No-VOC’s (by CARB Defi nition per ASTM D1298)
  • Contains Only Low Toxicity, Biodegradable Ingredients to Protect Workers and the Environment
Available Sizes: 1 gallon bottles, 4×1 gallon cases, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums

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