D30S Spray Cabinet

peterson parts washers

The D30S is a favorite of engine rebuilders, transmission shops and parts recyclers.
It drastically reduces cleaning time to generate more profit and a better overall job

D30S Features:

  • Precision fan nozzles produce high pressure/volume spray that shears pff grease and grime
  • The D30S will cut your cleaning time to 10 minutes or less for most applications
  • Cleaning fluid is thermostat and 7-day timer controlled for optimum cleaning efficiency.
  • Cabinet is insulated for energy efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Rinse water diverter design prevents loss of chemical change and controls rinse water.
  • Door safety switch stops pump if door is opened.
  • Turntable cart rolls out to aid loading
  • Large 3.5 cubic foot capacity filter
  • Positive gearbox/motor turntable drive system
Optional Equipment
  • Single Phase Power of 480V, 30 Power
  • ATAK Nozzle Extenders for Transmission Shops
  • 671 Head Rack
  • 21″ Dia. x 18″ Parts Basket
  • 12″ Dia. x 6″ Transparts Basket
  • Oil Skimmer
  • RWS50 Rinse Water Storage
  • 7.5 HP PUmp (100 GPM@ 70 PSI
  • Reservoir Soak Basket

  • D30S Specifications

    Height Above Turntable 38″
    Turntable Diameter 26″
    Overall Height 79″
    Floor Space Required  (Electric) 52″ x42″ W
    Floor Space Required  (Gas) 52″ X 52″ W
    Load Capacity 600 lbs.
    Spray Nozzles  
    Wash 15 (2) adjustable
    Rinse 8
    Pump Motor, Standard 5 HP, 240V, 3¢
    Pump Motor, Optional 5 HP, 230V, 10
    Pump Output @ PSI 75 GPM @ 60 PSI
    Heater Watt. (Electric) 9KW
    Burner BTU (Gas) 100,000 BTU
    Cabinet Steam Vent 6″ Dia.
    Solution Capacity 85Gal.
    Filter Area 505 Sq in.
    Cabinet Construction 12 Ga.
    Electrics  Gas 240V, 30
    Heated Electric 15A
    Heated 38A
    Shipping Weight (Electric) 1,2851bs.
    Shipping Weight (Gas) 2,2851bs.