TRANSBRITE FloorCLEAN is a Heavy Duty Powdered Detergent capable of cleaning
and degreasing the toughest soils and contaminants found on today’s manufacturers’,
remanufacturers’ & rebuilders’ production shop floors. TRANSBRITE FloorCLEAN is
a superior fast-acting shop floor cleaner that will increase employee safety & production
while decreasing slip-and-fall accidents.


  • Increase Employee Safety & Production
  • Decreases Slip-and-Fall Accidents, Lost Time and Insurance Costs
  • Penetrates & Removes Heavy Greases, Oils, Lubricants, Tire Marks and other Soils
  • from Concrete Shop Floors
  • Will NOT Attack Concrete Shop Floors or Floor Sealants
  • Contains NO Butyl or Caustic Sodas
  • Pine Scent Freshens Air
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe
  • Super Concentrated Formula for Low Volume Usage and Low Cost
Available Sizes: 50 pound pails, 100 pound drums, and 400 pound drums

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