Zerust ICT 420-35P VCI Poly Kraft Paper

VCI Poly Paper protects ferrous metals such as iron, cast iron and steel from rust and corrosion. ICT420-35P is a polyethylene coated VCI Kraft Paper with proprietary formulations contained within the polyethylene coating (coating on one side of sheet only). Due to its 1 mil Zerust ICT polyethylene coating, it provides the additional benefits of increased tear resistance and moisture resistance along with the versatility of paper and powerful Zerust corrosion protection. Our Poly Paper can be used to protect a broad range of industrial products including Automotive Powertrain parts as well as electrical components during shipment and storage.

  • Availability/Part Number

    36″ x 200 yard rolls (91 cm – 183 m) : 300-F-00002
    Also available in cut sheets. Please call an Allen Woods Representative for sizing and pricing information. 

  • Protection Type

    Ferrous corrosion protection capability. Test before use on copper and brass.



ICT VCI Kraft Paper

ICT® VCI Kraft Paper is a high-quality packaging solution saturated with corrosion inhibitors on both sides of the product. Kraft Paper integrates packaging materials with powerful vapor corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and multi-metal parts. Use affordable Zerust ICT VCI Paper in any application where you currently use plain paper or a competing paper. Test before use on copper and brass.

  • Ship, Store, and Protect with One Product

    Use Zerust VCI Kraft Paper in interleaving applications and to wrap metal materials for shipment or storage. Use in any application where a packaging paper and corrosion protection is needed. 

    Zerust VCI is acid-free, pH neutral, and non-abrasive. It uses proven corrosion inhibitors that are odorless, non-toxic and leave no residue.

    Like many of our Zerust and TRANSBRITE products, out Kraft Paper is sourced from responsible manufacturing in the USA, and produced without bleaching agents in facilities powered by bio-fuel and hydro-power.

  • Production Type

    Multi-metal corrosion protection. Test before use on copper and brass.

  • Availability/Part Number

    36″ x 200 yard (91 cm – 183 m) rolls: 300-M-00005
    48″ x 200 yard (122 cm – 183 m) rolls: 300-M-00006

    Also available in cut sheets. Please call an Allen Woods representative or request more information for sizing and pricing!



Zerust ICT VCI Corrugate

Use Zerust ICT VCI Corrugate on your next packaging project and get Zerust VCI corrosion protection and cardboard packing in one. Pack tools, automotive parts, electronic parts and components, and more with Zerust Corrugate Cardboard. Zerust Corrugate is made with built-in corrosion protection. It protects metal parts from corrosion via the Zerust coating which contains both contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. Zerust Corrugate is acid free, eco-friendly, and can be configured for many applications. Zerust Corrugate has invisible and odorless multi-metal vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) built-in to keep metal surfaces rust and corrosion free for up to 1 year.

  • Easy and Effective Storage and Shipping

    Since proven the technology is built into the corrugate, there is no need for additional wrapping or coatings. There is no removal needed either, simply pack metal parts into the product and tightly seal. The corrosion-inhibiting VCI molecules in the product will not interfere with the properties or functionality of the item being protected.

  • Protection Type


  • Availability/Part Number

    Custom size (minimum order quantity). Please contact an Allen Woods & Associates, Inc. representative or request more information.