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Cuda Parts Washers can create up to $20,000 a year in Additional Billable Hours!

The Cuda line of automatic aqueous parts washers has provided a safe and timesaving cleaning solution for thousands of repair shops and other businesses for over 15 years. Here are a few reasons why choosing a Cuda Automatic Parts Washer is a wise decision:

Parts Washers Clean Faster and Better without the use of harmful solvents

Why waste time cleaning parts manually? With Cuda Automatic  Parts Washers, you simply load the parts, close the lid and push START. A single parts washer can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics, who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand. Cuda lets them concentrate on more productive, income-producing jobs meaning your Cuda washer can pay for itself in a year or less.

Cuda automatic parts washers provide a safe and efficient solution to cleaning parts because they eliminate the need for harmful cleaning solvents. Plus, they provide businesses with a time-saving solution. Your staff can simultaneously clean parts while performing other tasks.

Far superior than washing by hand
Cuda automatic parts washers are aqueous based, industrial size washers that use pressurized jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver cleaning power that is far more efficient than washing parts by hand. Simply load parts, turn on the washer and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes while parts are automatically cleaned thoroughly and efficiently!

Money Saving Solution

By managing your technician’s time more effectively, Cuda allows them to focus on more revenue-producing work, which means your Cuda parts washer could pay for itself in less than one year.

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