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In trying to best supply our automotive customers with sound, effective parts washing equipment, we recently expanded our line beyond the epic PMW and reliable Viking.  We are proud to announce we now represent Cuda Automatic Parts Washers!

A Karcher-North America company, Cuda offers top-load and front-load automatic parts washers. These machines are manufactured in Camas, Washington and are supported by a fine staff of customer support specialists and representatives. Meeting with the national sales director, we were glad to turn a sales rival into an ally. It didn’t hurt that he was a cool guy and a wakeboarding maniac.


This line compliments our needs perfectly. In today’s fast-paced world, lead times can represent a problem. In the past, we’ve found that many companies looking for a parts washer need it NOW… While no company can give you a parts washer NOW (unless someone returned it because it doesn’t work…) the lead times on these Cuda washers are great. This gave us the adaptability and reactivity we enjoy today.

On top of being easy to order and ship quickly, these washers WORK. We’re happy with how their roll-in door design saves space in smaller shops. Oil skimmers and automatic low-water shutdown come standard with these machines. Cuda washers come with a variety of options and accommodate any electrical configuration.


Roll –In door design is perfect for small shops and is why these washers always works in tight spots.

Overall, we’re pretty pumped about this new line of parts washers. We hope to bring them to transmission remanufacturers and builders soon, in fact we already have. More information is available on our website at or call us at 1-847-806-4000!

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