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Why did we invest in Ultrasonic Equipment? In this fast-paced world we have notice how quick things change. Cleaning processes are constantly improving as new technologies replace the old ones, and companies slow to react fall by the wayside.

We’re pretty sure we don’t want to fall behind.

That is why we were so excited to introduce Ultrasound into our arsenal of cleaning technologies.

Pro Ultrasonic Equipment and the use of ultrasonics is one of the most precise, thorough, effective cleaning methods. This process utilizes ultrasound (high frequency sound waves) to agitate in a liquid/solvent to thoroughly remove soils THROUGHOUT a part.

These ultrasonic waves will pass through the components of a transmission, dislodging impossible-to-reach particles. This leaves the part clean and you can go back to rebuilding engines, trannies, torque converters etc…

No contact is needed with this method and it cleans areas impossible to reach with any other cleaning approach. There is no method more thorough than Ultrasound.

We are pumped to welcome Pro Ultrasonics into our family of products. And we love being able to pair their equipment with our TRANSBRITE UltraSONIC aluminum/multi-metal safe liquid detergent.

At the ATRA Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas (which, by the way, we are excited about this year’s show) we had one of our smaller Pro Ultrasonic machines on display and you would not believe the amount of interest expressed at the show. Most of the attendees just wanted to watch it go to work, all of them were impressed with how well it cleaned.

Needless to say, there is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding these products.

Well, we’re pumped.    



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