ATRA Powertrain Expo Recap – 10/31/12

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ATRA Powertrain Expo Recap

TRANSBRITE just finished up the ATRA’s Annual Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas. This was one of our most exciting and profitable yet. The show was well-attended, well-organized and well, fun. Not only did we touch base with some of our most valued customers (we like to think every one of our customers is our most valued customer, but it was still nice to see some old friends) but we also made some fantastic contacts within the industry,

The TRANSBRITE booth showcased some exciting new product lines and some of our older ones too. First and foremost was our detergent line. For anyone who didn’t already know about us, we had the pleasure of introducing them to the premiere line of aqueous parts washing detergent. We also got to introduce our TRANSBRITE HandCLEAN, which helps our friends achieve the hygiene they need after a tough day’s work in the shop. We tried to put this pleasant-smelling soap in the convention center’s bathrooms but we didn’t want to break any rules, and it wasn’t like anyone had their hands in automotive fluids that day.

This was the first year we’ve had CUDA Parts Washers so our good friend Tim Kolshinksi at CUDA brought a 2530 Front Load Parts Washer which attracted a lot of attention, visually. At the other side of the booth was our Pro Ultrasonics washer, which we had some fantastic demonstrations of how this technology cleans valve bodies. The Ultrasonic washer makes a very distinct noise, perhaps not enjoyed by our neighbors from Borg Warner, but certainly enjoyed by visitors witnessing just how effective this piece of equipment and our TRANSBRITE UltraSONIC Detergent are.

Perhaps our newest and most exciting line of solutions is our StillClean. This fantastic piece of equipment cleans and distills solvent and mineral spirits for reuse. People loved it. We may be all about aqueous cleaning technologies, but we recognize the place that solvents take in the industry. There is simply no way of getting around them and that is why we look to help those where Solvents still play a big part. People were pretty pumped about this product, the savings are huge with this product and the system pays for itself within months. We know using solvents isn’t the greenest way of doing things, so we want to make sure you are buying as little as possible.

These products were very well received by the Expo crowd, which had a very high level of energy as visitors from all over the world enjoyed the city, some time off and the show.

Some of our most exciting interactions came with people interested in distributing our product. There were quite a few individuals who knew about our product, had tried it, and think they are in touch with enough like-minded professionals that they can help us spread the word about TRANSBRITE. We were very pleased with their enthusiasm and hope to do business with them in the future.

What was very encouraging and interesting was the amount of international visitors at the show. We talked with dozens of people from The Netherlands, Germany and other European countries about our products as well as how we are looking to find distribution to these regions. Another region of interest is South America; we were pleased to see a lot of businesses from countries like Venezuela and Colombia. Overall, we were very impressed with how well the ATRA has attracted interest and members from around the world.

This show is so important to TRANSBRITE because it encompasses our product line’s niche. We started out in the everyday transmission rebuilder’s shop and it quickly became our favorite industry. While the bulk of our current customers are transmission shops, we still have a ton of work to do in this industry. We have helped hundreds of technicians improve their cleaning process, but there are still so many that are simply cleaning parts the wrong way.

Overall, we had a great showing this year and look forward to 2013’s show in Washington DC!

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