Viking Vibratory Equipment

Vibratory equipment utilizes fine abrasive material (media) and a special process where vibrating causes the media to scrub parts clean.

This is one of our most economical ways to batch-process small quantities of parts to remove oils and greases. The ceramic or aluminum media is gentle enough not to damage delicate parts. However, this process uses media tough enough to de-burr and polish.

  • Features

    • Soft rubber pads keep the shaker from walking, reducing noise and eliminating the need to bolt the machine to the floor
    • Vibratory tub is lined with 1/2″ thick urethane body liner and a 3/8″ thick manganese end liners ensuring long life
    • Totally enclosed shaker tub frame and steel lid of 7 Ga. steel
    • Solvent reservoir
    • 0-30 minute cycle timer
    • 5 stage solution separation system

  • Industries Served

    • Aerospace/Peening
    • Automotive Engine Rebuilding
    • Small Engine Repair
    • Transmission Rebuilding
    • Foundry
    • Forge, Pipe/Oil Field, Structural Steel
    • Ag/Weldments
    • Heat Treat
    • Military
    • General Manufacturing